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3 Secrets To Creating an Amazing Online Course

Would you believe me if I told you they were just three elements every single amazing online course have in common? Well it's true. 

Take a look...

Did you catch that?  I spilled the T.E.A. so that you can train your staff, teach professionals and educate your members more effectively.

Let's review...

Transformative Online Courses

The course must provide a transformation. The student is looking to go from where they currently are and what they currently know to a place where they have the knowledge and skill to do what they couldn't before. The transformation should be clearly outlined in your course objective. The course sections and lessons come together like building blocks, giving students the tools and insight to make that change and improve their lives.

Engaging Lessons Online Are Better

It is far easier to close your screen and never complete an online course then it is when you know that you might be called upon in a live class. So, to make up for this, we focus on engagement. Prompting your students to participate with the screen or contribute some insight to the course every 3 to 5 minutes helps them stay focused, absorb more material and avoid distraction.

Accessible Classes for Tourism Professionals

Accessibility means understanding the challenges and limitations facing adult learners and setting them up for success by removing those roadblocks. Time is incredibly precious and very limited to working professionals. The data shows that got less than 24 minutes a week to train. Accessible courses help students learn as much as possible within that narrow window of time and in spite of whatever distractions they face. Will the students be able to complete the entire course in a reasonable amount of time? Will they feel accomplished and eager to finish the course because they were able to finish a lesson or section during their break? 


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